Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate to Carolina Christian Radio?

Pledge Line: 763-2452

Toll Free Pledge Line: 1-888-860-9945

We can mail you a postage-paid, self -addressed envelope to send your check, or…

If you are comfortable with electronic financial transactions, our OneStep Plan is the way for you to go (checking, savings, credit or debit card). You can do that now securely online with ongoing Monthly gifts and/or Single gifts of any size. Click Here

Or if you prefer to just send a check or set us up in your bank’s online pay system, this is the information to use:  Carolina Christian Radio PO Box 957 Wilmington, NC 28402.

What is the OneStep Plan?

This simply means donating using your bank transfer, credit or debit card. We believe donating with the OneStep Program benefits us both. You get some of your life back without having to spend it on writing checks and buying stamps, so it’s more convenient. Plus your gifts go to work faster at Carolina Christian Radio. It also gives us a better idea of what donations to expect month-to-month when you make your OneStep Program automatic monthly.

Is my donation to Carolina Christian Radio tax-deductible?

Yes. Carolina Christian Radio is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit ministry. Donations of any amount are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. You will receive an annual report of your giving totals if you give gifts totaling $250 or more throughout the calendar year.

If I already have a monthly pledge with Carolina Christian Radio, do I need to renew my pledge every 6 months or every year?

No. We will assume your ongoing monthly pledge is just that, ongoing, because you want Carolina Christian Radio to count on your support every month. Every so often we will ask if you want to continue at your same level of giving, or invite you to consider increasing your amount. At those times or at anytime, you are free to let us know what you want to do: continue at your same amount, change your amount, or discontinue. This helps us be better stewards of your gifts by planning and budgeting accordingly.

Is there a minimum amount I can give?

No. Carolina Christian Radio accepts gifts of any amount, any time, any way you choose to give.

Is it safe to make donations online?

Yes, we use a third-party service for processing your donations to the ministry called IATS. They are the Non-Profit services division of Ticketmaster. They service millions of dollars in transactions every year for more than a thousand sports teams, concert halls and events. They have the experience, technology and expertise to make your electronic gift of any size go to work right away for the cause of Carolina Christian Radio.

Who owns Carolina Christian Radio?

All 6 radio stations are owned and operated by Carolina Christian Radio which is registered by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit Christian organization. We are not a for-profit, commercial business. As a nonprofit, Carolina Christian Radio stations are not the property of any individual or shareholder. We have a local Board of Directors who oversees the operations, finances and business dealings of the ministry.

Who Can Partner with Carolina Christian Radio?

Anyone can partner with Carolina Christian Radio whose desire is to lock arms with us in ministering hope in Christ to people right where they are in our diverse community.

Our financial partners, at every level, provide the  ongoing support needed to help reach thousands of lives everyday. People donate in a variety of ways: single one-time gifts, monthly gifts, by check, through their business, through a community foundation, large gifts, $10 gifts and everything in between.

What can I expect after I donate to Carolina Christian Radio?

A  ‘thank you’ receipt letter from us, and personal fulfillment from knowing we are in this ministry together impacting thousands all over the Carolina Coast.

What is the main purpose of Carolina Christian Radio’s ministry?

Using media to build up the Body of Christ by sharing the Message of Salvation through Jesus Christ with seekers and nurture and encourage believers in their walk with Christ.

How does Carolina Christian Radio use my donation?

Your gift is used immediately to keep Carolina Christian Radio’s 4 diverse, local Christian radio stations on the air, impacting students, moms, dads, children, the whole family, the whole Body of Christ all over the Carolina Coast every day.